My Resignation

I resign from your love It's far too hard a job for me My experiences have been too rough lately I give my all but it isn't enough for you. Where does your love come from anyway? Is it your gut that gives it away? Or sit it your heart? Many words I could say... Continue Reading →


Emchanting eyes

You have snatched away my whole existence With one glance of your enchanting eyes Whether or not you agree to speak to me I will not leave your side, my beloved You have intoxicated me with your love The twilight of the day draws us near. Under the dimming skies let stars appear And each... Continue Reading →

About her

She told me she loved me first and I told her I loved her even if I wasn't sure I did. I felt it was a comman courtesy to say it back and maybe that was wrong of me but then I slowly started to realise that I loved her with all my soul. I... Continue Reading →

Stop waiting for friday, for winter, For someine to fall in love with you, You'll achieve all the happiness when you stop waiting for it and and make the moment you're in right now. There will come a time when your void will over flow with purpose. Until then, don't lose hope. Just be hopeful,... Continue Reading →


It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. It's me. I'm afraid for you, and I'm afraid for me, but I still feel my pulse racing the instant you appear, a tingling that starts in my fingertips, then shoots up my body, .. a pulsating lightning bolt that splashes into my mind and explodes into.. hot..... Continue Reading →


Horses have a way of conneting with people. People heal horses. Horses heal people. People can make horses happy; And horses can make people happier. As you mount up on the back of the beautiful creature, you feel relaxed. Then you start off Going faster and faster and you start to feel free. Free as... Continue Reading →


It hurts to be accused of something you didn't do, It is like a kick in the head, Yet you wouldn't understand. You kick me while I'm down, Then you have the nerve to ask me why I look sullen You point the finger, but you are actually very to understand that arrogance and ignorance... Continue Reading →


Good guys ruin their lives running after bitches and nice girls often label the entire male specie as jerks after having been mistreated by an actual one. Yet it's not uncommon to find people willingly enter or continue in What's called a "bad , , relationship". How we allow our better halves to treat us... Continue Reading →

Out of balance.

I’ve been a good friend and I’ve been a shitty friend. Sometimes I gave more or sometimes I took more, and the relationship went out of balance. I’ve also had friendships that were out of convenience and really were acquaintances, I just didn’t realize it at the time. My problem was I often held on... Continue Reading →

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